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Suan Loong Daeng Farm Stay, Ubon Ratchatani

Today we went on our first ‘family outing’ since we arrived. Considering that was 3 1/2 months ago I think it was long over due. When I mean family outing I mean no jobs, nothing to buy, pick up, drop off etc, just family time.

A few months ago at the Wrong Way Cafe I met a man by the name of Trond who owns the Suan Loong Daeng Farm Stay. It is an hours drive from my place so this morning after breakfast we thought why not? Let’s go. The fence builders are fine on their own and everyone else is out at the farm so we loaded the kids up and headed out.

As I also do reviews on my website this is where the serious stuff starts!

Suan Loong Daeng Farm Stay is located 13kms west of Nam Yeun along highway 2248 – the large signs make it very easy to spot.


We went to the restaurant first which is open 7 days a week and ordered some chips (75 baht) for the kids and some garlic and pepper squid for Seerung and I to share. (120 baht)

We then went and had a swim in the pool. I think it is usually reserved for guests staying the night but as the place was quiet the staff didn’t mind. Marisah got half way in and screamed blue murder because it was too cold and that put any plans that Ariya had of having a swim to rest. While they played around the outside I had a refreshing dip.

We then went and checked out a few of the rooms for this review and also as information for us and any friends who come to visit as finding good places to stay around this area are very few and far between.

The rooms are basic but clean and functional and I would be more then happy to spend a night or two here. Not all the bungalows have a water view. This room is 600 baht a night (but is having air con fitted soon and the price will go up a little).





As it had been almost an hour since we had last eaten we decided it was time for lunch. Western food is such a rarity even Seerung ordered some! A steak for her (comes with chips and salad) for 200 baht and a Pork Schnitzel Cordon Bleu (with chips and salad) for me for 250 baht. A rice and vege soup for the kids was 40 baht. Good sized meals and not to bad on the stomach.

This is the restaurant.


Adjoining it is a bar with pool table.



And of course the toilets!


The place is quiet and relaxing and I would guess quite cool during the hot season. It has some gardens that meander around between the various buildings (Suan Loong Daeng actually translates as Uncle Red’s Garden). It would be a good stopping off point if you were planning on visiting ปราสาทเขาพระวิหาร Prasat Khao Phra Viharn


Grandpa House, Ubon Ratchatani

Located in the back streets near the airport it is in a residential area and doesn’t have any ‘walk past’ traffic.

It has a basic interior but somehow seems to have a lot of charm. Many old photos and memorabilia line the walls. There are tables as well as booths.

It has a good spaghetti and steak menu plus a few chicken dishes as well as Thai food. Spaghetti dishes are 60 – 80 baht and steak is 150 – 280 baht. The 280 baht T-Bone is imported.

I had the spag bog with meat balls (70 baht) and a pineapple and cheese salad (50 baht). The spag bog came with a piece of garlic bread and a small bowl of soup. I ordere the kids a vege and dip platter (50 baht) and m wife had some vile smelling thing for 60 baht.

Average size servings but good quality. The service was quick and attentive but due to the layout of the restaurant you don’t see the waitress hovering which is a real turn off.

Drive towards the airport and take the last right before the airport gates. Left at the T junction then a quick right. 100 metres on your right. Chaeron Rat Road.


Wrong Way Cafe Hotel

Not much info sorry as I didn’t actually stay here and I only had my phone camera on me when I checked it out.

It is the accomadation out the back of the Wrong Way Cafe. it isn’t owned by them but you can book through them if you like.

The rooms are 350 baht and actually look half decent.

The good thing for you is that you can park your car directly out the front of your room although you need to get there early as the place it seems is quite popular and you either cant get a car park or dont plan on leaving to early in the morning as you might be parked in.




Phadaeng Mansion, Ubon Ratchatani

Another accommodation review for Ubon.

Phadaeng mansion. (dosn’t seem to work at the moment)
Ph: 045254600
Located on Phaedaeng Road (surprise surprise!)

400 baht ($16 AUS) for a room with a double bed, 500 ($20 AUS) baht for a king size. 5,000 ($200 AUS) baht per month.

A few English movie channels, fridge, outside wash up area.

A nice little Lobby with some copies of the classics.

I really did like the Pan House but this place is in a better location being only 1 block from the main park and slightly better value, making it now my choice for best valued Hotel in ubon.

Phadaeng mansion

Phadaeng Mansion front desk.

Phadaeng Mansion lobby

Phadaeng Mansion artwork

Phadaeng Mansion bed

Phadaeng Mansion bed 2

Phadaeng Mansion room

Phadaeng Mansion bathroom

Phadaeng Mansion 2

Phadaeng Mansion outside

Pan house, Ubon Ratchatani

After deciding not to return to the Tokyo Hotel
I chose to stay at the Montana Hotel, that was until my Physio said she didn’t want me walking and to move to a place close to her clinic so therefore I am now at Pan House.


450 ($20 aus) a night or 5,000 a month. ($200 Aus)
Located on Sapphasit road opposite the hospital.
Great selection of TV to chose from (including the Australia network – yippee) and UBC plus free decent wifi. Complimentary coffee, full size fridge (with freezer) plus a small kitchen (can also fit a washing machine if you wanted to live here.)
The place looks like it is brand new and seems to cater more for longer stays but for a short stay I will now say that this is the best value in Ubon that I have found.
Ph: 045 263 300