There are quite a few blogs (not all Thai related) that I read on a regular basis. If you are enjoying my blog then chances are you will like these as well.



The Thai Report (American expat in Ubon who loves exploring the country side)

Malcolm and Ciejay (retired couple living in Thailand)

Thai Sabai

Thai Life in Phana

Chris Osborne (lives and works in Ubon Ratchathani)

My Thai village life (great photos and life stories from around the far north of Thailand)

The Sandalwood Sanctuary (my brothers website and where I live when in Australia)

Real food Real life Real Fun. A blog about sustainable living with a young family

Rice ‘n’ Ruminations from The Land of Smiles

Another Ubon blogger with some great reviews on places in and around the city

One of the funniest and best written blogs ever – all about photography and life in Pattaya

A little shameless promotion for a friends business – Kununurra Self Storage

16 responses to “Links

  1. Thanks for the link Malcolm

  2. nice set of links would you consider my udon thani website and blogs
    regards john

    MeMock replied “Hi John, I really appreciate you dropping by. I only like to link to personal blogs that I read on a regular basis. I have checked out your site and although it is Thailand based it seems more like a business then a blog so will need to pass on your request. Regards, MeMock.”

    • Hello
      JC again ,would like know if anyone has a map of Ubon that shows the ramp layout ,the trim pads and the base perimeter. I would appreciate any help .That time in life was very short but oh, so impressionable. I see more and more of Ubon as I read your blogs. Thanks.

  3. the money which is small that i make from my adsense is used to fund my loans to kiva
    so if thats bad iam bad
    regards john

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for getting back to me 7 months later, obviously not a regular reader I take it! 🙂
      I never said it was ‘bad’ I just said that your website is not something that I read as it is basically advertising and also seems to have some pornography as well and therefore I will not link to it.

  4. My only comment on”Links”,is that every blogger has their own style,and bloggers do live in glass houses.I have a sister site on spaces that has been up for three years without a whole lot of effort on my part other than following other live spaces sites.My visits were in the thousands,before they did a major rebuilding of the,and lost most of my stats,friends(5000) at one time(big mistake on my part)lots of really bad actors,but that was my first try at building a social/blog site.I have a “CC” on my site and as long as people keep it clean,really they can post what they like.Writing about the same subject matter can get very boring!I read hundreds of blogs,web sites you name it before i decided to come to Thailand,marry and retire.Most our boring,not accurate,and to a certain point anti-Thai and racist.I do not take any advertising(for money)and never will!I am a .com for a good reason(control)Wordpress,has a lot of rules as does adsense/google.My main goal is to provide some helpful information,share the Thai culture and have some fun doing it!James

  5. Come by for a visit anytime memock.I wish you well with your business,marriage and life in Isaan Country.Tham Dee,Dai Dee,Tham Chua,Dia Chua!James

  6. Noticed a few visitors originating from this site so thought I would take a look. Thank you very much for including me on your list of links. Good luck and great success with you blog.

    I just keep plodding along and writing now and then as my muse prods me into action.

  7. I realize that I have not thanked you for your inclusion of my blog on this
    favored list. Thank for the honor of your attention. Blog On!

  8. Hi,
    I came across your site while absent mindedly looking through the internet re water tank prices. I live (lived!) in Phetchabun and have a lovely Thai wife (Karn) and kids as well. We bought a place 9 years ago and moved out from England vowing never to set foot back there. When my wife was pregnant with the last one 7 years ago we did go back though! School, and all that stuff. I’m back now for a month and realise how much I miss it – I don’t think stress is in the dictionary here and so lovely and hot! Of course you probably dont have that problem in Australia, but England is one grey place!
    Anyway, just wondered what sort of price a plastic tank was (in bahts) as the 750 metal one just isn’t enough. Love to hear as always good to talk to fellow souls! Take care.


  9. Hi Memock,
    Wow – hotter than here! That’s hard to get your head round when your used to the dullness of London! I never did get to that link, so thanks for the help – Karn perked up enormously at the thought of a 5000 ltr tank and I must admit, it is pretty impressive stuff and knocks our 750 ltr off the board. It’s bank holiday today so she’s going to call them a call tomorrow and get some details. Emily (she’s 6) and all the family kids, that’s about 10!, are off to the local swimming pool now so it’s lovely and quiet and I can read a bit in peace…got to get a couple of Chang’s for later though! lol. Once again, thanks for the help.

    Take care


  10. Yeah it is a good 3 – 4 degrees hotter then Ubon but at least we have clean air and blue skies. I actually hate the heat so have no idea why I split my time between two countries that rates up with the hottest places on the planet!!

    Glad that link was able to give you some information. Hope you get some good help tomorrow when you call. Enjoy your peace and quiet. I am about to take a walk around a bit of the farm with my three kids shortly. Just have to wait for it to cool down some more!

  11. I just tried a couple of the links as I love a good blog about Thailand. However, Thai Report and Bangkok Bugle just came up with some weird stuff. Then the laos to australia coffee one just had an ad.

    If you could update with a couple of your favorite sites, that would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Jason,
      Thanks for the heads up – I have gone through those links just now and fixed, deleted and added some new ones. Thanks for letting me know.

  12. got agent orange in 1973 while we were tdy with 33tfw and air force trying to say we weren’t there

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