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A bucket bath in Thailand

Sorry for the rather long breaks between transmissions. Since arriving back in Australia things have been rather busy and as I finally fall into some kind of routine I hope to speed the blog postings up a little bit. I still have quite a few posts I want to share of our time in Thailand so please keep checking back.

In the mean time please indulge me as I post a few happy snaps of my son.

I have been meaning to share these photos since I took them about two months ago. He had finally worked out how to sit up right for more then a few seconds so I decided to give him a bucket bath where he could be by himself while I sat opposite him with my baby catching glove firmly secured on my left hand.

Like most houses in Thailand we do not have a bath but given the amount of buckets swapped for unwanted dogs there are plenty of make shift baths of various sizes, shapes and colours always available.

He was a bit apprehensive at first….

… but then he discovered that he could splash. It made noise, made a mess and made Dad laugh so it went on for ages and he had a blast.