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Waterfalls in the East Kimberley (Kununurra)

Following on from my post a few days ago called Heli-fishing in the Kimberley I thought I would blog separately about the trip back to the Kununurra airport.

There are hundreds of waterfalls scattered around the magnificent East Kimberley and on the way back we swung past a few of them. These are by no means the best in the area and hopefully over the next year or so I will be abe to take a few more trips out with my brother to see some of the better ones (and then blog about it.)

Here is a video of our take off from where we had been fishing.

With the recent rains it was nice and green.

We headed straight to nearby Napp Springs which you will see get closer and closer in the next three photos. We were going to buzz down below the rock walls but the wind had picked up quite a bit so it was decided not to risk it.

From Napp Springs we turned for home (Kununurra airport) and took in a few more waterfalls along the way. It is amazing to see how they have dug out of the red rocks such amazing gorges over the years.

The valleys started to open up as we got closer to Kununurra which is in the middle of the fertile plains of the Ord River Valley.

Before you knew it we were approaching Kununurra from the East, across Hidden Valley National Park (now called Mirima)…..

…before swinging to the North which gave me a good view of Kelly’s Knob with the township in the background.

In less then a minute we were on approach to the airport. In the background you can see the rock formation known locally as sleeping buddha. Hopefully you can work out why!