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My Thailand Olympics part 2

Last week I uploaded a stack of photos and wrote about a parade that went past my house heralding the start of our very own mini Olympics. This is part two.

Once the tail of the parade had finally moved beyond my front gate I hopped on my motorbike and squeezing along the outside of everyone managed to make it to the school oval to witness the beginning of the opening ceremony.

Once again I feel the need to apologise for the deplorable state of some of my photos. Distance, bright light and smoky skies to not make good photos when all you have is a little point and shoot camera. I think next time I will bring my SLR with me and stopped complaining about how heavy it is and how much room it takes up.

Here are the last of the athletes filing into position.

Standing to attention for the raising of the flags.

This next part was a proud moment for all of my family as my niece Beam had been selected to run the torch on a lap of the oval before lighting the cauldron.

Thankfully there was no Ron Clarke moment and she did us all proud.

The lighting of the torch got everyone excited which meant it was time for another march! This time, just around the oval.

When the march was over and all the athletes were back in the centre of the oval it was time for some entertainment. These kids brought the house down with their routine. The photos don’t really do it justice so make sure you click on the very quick video clip that I also took. The younger sister of the torch lighter Beam is in the back row, the 2nd one in. Her name is Cream.


As you can see the crowd were having a blast!

After the kids had finished making their parents cry with laughter it was time for some of the adults to take centre stage. For the previous few weeks I had seen them walking up the road to the school carting these massive Hula Hoops to practise their routine and I have to admit, they were quite good!

With all the razzmatazz out of the way it was finally time to actually start the sporting events! You will have to wait for part three to read all about that though!