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What to eat in Ubon Ratchathani

My previous blog entry was written by Chris who at the end of it mentioned his new project called Coconut TV.

He decided to get some practice in for it by composing a video called Top 9 eats in Ubon Ratchathani and is after some feed back. I don’t think there will be much constructive criticism Chris as considering this is your first time attempting something like this, I think you have done an amazing job!

You did ask for feedback though so for what it is worth here are a few points of my own that may help.

* Don’t wear sunglasses at the beginning of the video. Later on sure, but not when we are ‘meeting’ you for the first time.
* Hand movements and gestures are important but remember you are not a bird trying to take off!
* The Cut away shots showing you talking the ‘other’ camera don’t seem to work. I think they are a great idea but perhaps use them when you are eating the food or something.
* If I was to be really picky I might suggest that we don’t need to see you sampling every one of the nine dishes. Just telling us how good it is with a close up shot of it should be enough.

What do others think? Have a look at it and place your feedback either here or on you tube. I personally think some more of this type of media would be a great thing for Ubon Ratchathani.

I have eaten at five of the nine places he mentions so will try and make the last four on my next trip to Ubon. That Vietnamese restaurant is top of that list!