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Totally devastated

A few days ago when I was in Australia during a phone call with Seerung she mentioned that her Dad wasn’t feeling well. Over the next few days I got updates that he had gone to Ubon to see a Dr after a local Dr said he had cancer. He travelled twice, both times to be sent home because they were too busy. Seerung was worried but not to much and we thought we would sort it out when we got back which was just four days away. The next day we found out he had been admitted to the local hospital. The day I flew into Auckland to pick up my girls we got word that he was fading fast. 12 hours later we heard that he had only hours to live.
I tried getting Seerung on an early flight (8 hours earlier) but it had just departed so we stuck with our orignal tickets to get home.
No sleep that night as Seerung was totally devestated that his health had deterioated so quickly. We had to be at Auckland airport at 3.30am for our flight to Brunei where we were due to connect to Bangkok. We called home before we left and heard the good news that he was still alive. Things were looking good until Brunei. We boarded our flight, taxied to the runway before the pilot announced a problem and that we would need to return to the terminal. Every minute that ticked by we knew that we were closer and closer to missing our final connection from bangkok to Ubon. 2.5 hours later we took off but it was too late for us to taxi it across bangkok to Don Muang airport for our flight.
As soon as we arrived in Bangkok Seerung called home and found out that he was still alive but that it wouldn’t be long. We looked at all options but nothing else was available so we resign ourselves to the fact that we would have to overnight in Bangkok and leave the next day.
Imagine Seerung’s devastation yesterday when at 1am we got the call that we had been dreading. He had died just four hours after we would have arrived home if it wasn’t for missing that flight. Thanks Royal Brunei Airlines.