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A bomb? Crashed satellite? What was that loud explosion in far eastern Thailand?

Around 11am this morning just as I was finishing up a very frustrating maths lesson with Marisah there was a very loud and deep rumbling boom.

I looked up and immediately noticed the hanging fans that were not turned on were shaking. I raced outside and saw nothing. My wife laughed when I came back inside scratching my head and said (without much conviction) “Cambodia must have started bombing us again.”

When I visited earlier this year with the family there was quite a serious conflict happening close by between the two countries which I blogged about here.

When no more bomb like noises were heard I quickly forgot about it until I noticed in the breaking news section of the Bangkok Website this article.

In it, it mentions how “a mysterious loud bang was heard near a border village in Si Sa Ket province this morning, with reports likening it to an artillery round, and metal debris was later found scattered over the area.”

It was reported to have happened around 11am and apparently sounded like an artillery shell exploding.

After the explosion was hear a large piece of metal was found in a field at the Phumsarol Witthaya School and later on similar bits of metal was found in other spots around the area. This school is located in the Kantharalak area which is only about 50kms away from us.

It was this school that was hit by artillery fire during the fighting I mentioned earlier this year. In fact a friend of mine reported on a trip he made to the area and sent me a photo of this school soon after a bomb hit it which I uploaded to my website back in February.

Apparently several more bits of similar metal wreckage were later found in other spots around the area.

It was reported to the military and the Bangkok Post is reporting that “military officials who went to the area said the debris could be parts of a satellite, but could not immediately confirm this.”

I look forward to finding out exactly what is was.

*Edit + 2 hours*

A gentleman by the name of Trond who runs a business very close to the border has said “I heard about 1 minute of heavy artillery/gun fire around 10 minutes to 11.00 this morning!”

*Edit + 18 hours*

The Bangkok Post is now showing photos of some of the debris found following yesterdays explosion. If this is indeed what fell from the sky then I doubt very much it came from Cambodia but more likely is some kind of space junk.

A reader also left a comment with a link to an article which reports on some space junk falling from the sky yesterday in Namibia. Quite a coincidence.

Perhaps it is coming from Fobus Grunt?