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Paksong on the Bolaven Plateau and E Tu waterfall

Following on from my last blog I had just arrived in the small town of PakSong on the Bolaven plateau.

By the time I was arrived I was very hungry so pulled into what looked like a restaurant on the side of the road which was deserted apart from the owner who said he would cook me up some lunch.

Well there was one other person there, his daughter. She climbed up onto the top of my table, totally ignored me and proceeded to empty a full bag of seeds all over the table and the floor one by one.

My lunch time companion.

My lunch time companion.

Opposite my lunch time shack was a building that had obvious French connections. Old and run down yet still quite beautiful in a way.

building with sign

building close

The Bolaven plateau is coffee country and it was gearing up for the harvesting season. Everywhere you look are coffee bushes.

Coffee trees

After lunch I went and saw the man about the dog called Agarwood, picked up a few things and headed back to Pakse. Along the way I saw a sign to a waterfall called E Tu saying it was only 800 metres off the road.

E tu sign

Being so close and having a small amount of time up my sleeve I thought I would call in. 5,000 kip (20 baht or .60 cents) to enter and the same again to park the car is a welcome change to the 400 baht ($13) that Thailand try and charge white people with long noses for far less beautiful waterfalls.

The stairs down were slippery and steep.

Steep stairs down

If they looked like that going down then they looked like this going back up! A good work out but well worth it.

steep stairs up

This is the view of the waterfall from the top of the stairs.

e tu waterfall 1

Down the bottom it was a lot better. You can swim here if you wanted to. I didn’t have time to linger long so gave the swimming and the restaurants a miss and continued on back to Pakse.

e tu waterfall 2

e tu waterfall 3

I checked into the hotel before hitting the streets of Pakse looking for some food. There were quite a few new restaurants since I was last there and I had a nice feed before returning to the hotel for a good nights sleep.

Review of Seng Aroun hotel in Pakse, Laos

A few days ago I crossed the border into Laos for a little over 24 hours. I had reason to see a man about a dog named Agarwood but was in no rush so I organised it for the day my entry permit for Thailand was due to expire and needed to be renewed.

I went through Chong Mek and Pakse up to Paksong to see the dog before back tracking to Pakse. It was getting late by then so did not want to push it for another four hours to get home so pulled up stumps at the Seng Aroun Hotel on route 13 in the middle of town. The rest of the trip report will come soon but at the moment this is just a hotel review.


I chose this place for two reasons. I had stayed here before (trip report here) and remember it as an okay place plus I knew it had a secure car park which was a necessity with my ute (pick-up) pretty full. The first hour of arrival I spent repacking everything in the car before eventually checking in. The walk in rate was $23.

The place had gone down hill since I was last here. The rooms seemed very dirty with many brown stains on the doors and walls and the bathroom was not very clean. Someones left over soap in the soap holder complete with short little black hairs? I mean seriously, how hard is it to clean the basics? On the morning I checked out they were painting the outside of the building which to me (apart from the Lobby) was the cleanest part of the building!

Breakfast was not included in my rate so I cannot vouch for it or not but given the abundance of food on the street outside then there really is not much reason to pay a whole lot more to have breakfast included.

One positive was the water pressure which was decent. After a long days drive and with nothing on the TV I thought I might treat myself to a massage that I saw advertised in the room. It said it was open until 10pm so at 7.30pm I called to make a booking only to be told they had closed for the night!

There is no wifi apart from in the Lobby but if you want it like I did then ask for a room on the 1st floor directly above the reception and you will get a signal although not very fast. Being on the 1st floor though means no view but it allowed me to keep an eye on my car in the car park.

For the price compared to other hotels close by I guess it was not that bad and perhaps I am being a little tough but I am sure I could do a lot better if I tried a little harder next time.