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thai passport

There are only two things that I can say about what arrived in the mail this morning. “Thank goodness” and “never again”

The last few days

Apart from the restaurant review I am sorry for the lack of updates over the last few days as on Tuesday morning the family and I drove to Ubon and didn’t get back till last night.
On Tuesday we arrived in Ubon at 11am and drove straight to the house where we had bought the car from to pick up some missing paperwork . The father in law of the previous car owner we were to discover makes some nice bamboo garden furniture. We spent some time looking at that and I tried unsuccessfully to buy a piece but Seerung wants to wait until the garden is finished which makes sense I guess!
As the washing machine repair shop was just down the road we dropped in to double check it was already to go and said we would pick it up before returning home as we didn’t want that in the back as we drove all around the city. Then it was onto one of the main reasons for the trip. The kids Thai passports. After two months of mucking around due to incompetent idiots at our local government office (read about it here and here ) we were dreading the worst. What a great surprise it was to be dealt with by competent and friendly staff. No cues, straight in, paperwork seems to be in order, sit the kids down for a photo and ….. whoops looks like the idiots at the local government office typed Marisahs name into the computer wrong. It needs to be changed at the idiots end before we can proceed. It was a joy listening to Seerung call the idiots and politely but very firmly tell them to get on the computer and change it now. They did. (1,030 baht ($45 Aus) for a 5 year passport and photos and they said they will post it to us next week. From there we went to a place called Joy’s Pub for lunch. Spicy seafood salad and squid with basil for Seerung and I and omelette and rice for the kids. With full tummy’s we went and checked in at the Phadaeng Mansion. Seerung then decided that she needed a coffee and needed one now so before putting the kids to bed we popped in next door to Together Coffee for a mocha chino. Once the kids were in bed Seerung called her local tuk tuk driver and set off for some more jobs while I caught up on some work on the computer. Seerung managed to to pick up the new seal for the fridge as well as find a part for the fan which is broken in our bedroom and exchange some money. We got the kids up and drove them down to the Tung Sri Muang park. While the kids played on the playground I had noticed a Kodak sign on the other side of the park so went and got some more passport photos done as I needed some for visa application I am working on. After the park we drove over the moon river to a furniture shop as Seerung wanted to look at some curtains for the kitchen but they were the wrong size. Off to dinner at the Wrong Way Cafe then back to the hotel for bed.

Wednesday saw us trying a new place for Breakfast called Tony’s but they had stopped doing breakfast a few weeks ago so we had a Thai breakfast a few shops up the street. It was great fun as that area is at the beginning/end of the Ubon Ratchatani Airport runway and there was some army exercise on and about every 5 minutes a Hercules plane would go thundering directly above us no more then 100 metres away. Ariya thought it was brilliant. Plenty of helicopters around to keep us amused as well.


After breakfast we went looking for seat covers for the car. We tried a couple of places and the price was around 2 – 3,000 ($90 – $135 AUS) for cheap quality ones so we thought we would try Toyota seeing as we had to go there anyway to pick up some information regarding servicing for the car. We were pleasantly surprised that for genuine Toyota seat covers the cost fitted was only 3,900 baht ($170 AUS) and they wash the car as well! We organised to go back in the morning to get it done. On route to lunch at Grandpas House we stopped off at an electronics store to buy some scales for weighing small wood chips but they didn’t have any and then onto a shop that does suit tailoring as believe it or not I need some new threads for when I head to Bangkok soon for work regarding our Agarwood. The place looked good and the prices were fair so the next trip to town will see me spending a bit of time there. The tailors shop and electronics shop was recommended to me by a very helpful Ubon local called Brunty who has a great blog called Issan style. Sorry I didn’t give you a call mate, next time when we don’t have the kids I hope we can catch up. After lunch it was back for the kids afternoon sleep and Seerung went back out again with the Tuk Tuk to try and find scales elsewhere (unsuccessful) and look at beds. (Most places were closed due to Chinese New Year). That night we went back to the park and then back to the Wrong Way Cafe for dinner. I took the kids back to the hotel to put them to bed while Seerung went to have a massage. She couldn’t find a tuk tuk and didn’t want to ring her normal one as it was late so came back to the hotel and found out that the hotel could organise one for her. Just as we got the kids to bed the masseuse arrived so I left them to it and headed back to the Wrong Way Cafe returning to the hotel when the massage was finished.
Thursday morning saw us following directions that I had got the night before to a different place for Breakfast before heading back to Tony’s for a coffee. From there it was off to Toyota for the car seats. The Toyota place is quite amazing. A huge modern place that has 160 staff with every single one of them being able to list ‘former model’ on their CV. The place is spotless. Valet parking for every customer. Massive water features, a soccer field for the staff, beauty saloon, cafe etc etc. They said it would take about 1.5 hours to do it as they have to remove the seats so we settled in for a very comfortable wait. Indoor kids playground, free internet, coffee, soft drinks, fruit and popcorn. Luxurious lounges with which to enjoy it all in and the flashes toilets I have ever seen in Ubon. It ended up taking 2 hours and it was 1pm by the time we left.

Here are the kids enjoying the Toyota waiting room. As you can see Marisah is a little more adventourous the Ariya. I noticed at the park the night before that Ariya would wait for Marisah to try some new equipment before doing it herself. Marisah has no fear. She fell off this swing three times!



When we walked out to the car I was so blinded by it after it’s wash. I just had to take a photo of it, so here you have our new wheels.



Picked up the washing machine then went for lunch and a food shop at Big C. Then to a furniture shop that had Slumberland mattresses on sale (no good) filled up with fuel and left at 4pm arriving home a little after 6.

No progress had been made on the fence unfortunately as the builders son had a motorbike accident and is having trouble selling his recently harvested Cassava crop. Hopefully Seerung in a few hours will be able to sort out what is going on.
Now that we are home I hope to get back to some more regular postings about general life here in rural Thailand.