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Short back and sides

I have been wanting a haircut for weeks at least a month. When Seerung said she wanted a driving lesson this afternoon I said sure but we are going to town and I am getting my hair cut.
We parked in the market square and saw a couple of hairdressers but they looked a bit flash and girlie. I told Seerung that I also wanted an old fashion shave with a cut throat razor.
She asked at one of the girlie looking places where we might find one and the hairdresser said right next door. Sure enough there it was. We couldn’t see it because it was so dark and gloomy but we walked closer and as our eyes became adjusted to the lack of light I saw it.
A real barbers shop just like out of a 1930’s movie.
There were two chairs and one was vacant. The man who was already cutting gestured for me to sit in the spare chair. A man sleeping on a mat stirred to life and came over to commence business.
No need to tell him what style, how long, how short or what colour I would like my tips, just sit down and shut up because in a real mans barbar shop there is only one style.
Short back and sides.
He went to work with the precision of a surgeon and 20 minutes later he was done. It gave me plenty of time to have a sneaky look around the room as you don’t want to turn your head too much when someone has scissors that close to your wing nuts.. The wall had a few old (very old) original movie posters plus the obligatory half naked calendars. A small wooden table separated the two chairs and and it was crowded with bottles of aftershave that looked like they were left over from the war, a few scissors and razors completed the picture.
The floor was concrete, the walls were wood. A long wooden bench ran along the back wall for waiting customers.
After the hair cut was finished with a flick of the rest my chair transformed quicker then a A380 airbus air bed and was just as comfortable (I assume). The shave had begun. He was good, very good and 10 minutes later I was admiring my new look in the mirror and contemplated asking him where does a new recruit like me find the local marines office?
He splashed something on my face and it smelt just like lao khao (local rice whisky) so I asked him if it was. He just laughed.
Total price: 40 baht ($1.75 Aus)