Ubon Ratchathani

This page is all about Ubon Ratchatani, the capital of the province by the same name and the largest city in Eastern Thailand.

Here I will place links to any of my blog entries that have anything to do with Ubon. Hotel and restaurant reviews, things to see and do etc. Save you having to wade through my personal ramblings if all you are chasing is info on Ubon.

A basic, easy to read and almost up to date download able PDF file on Ubon can be found here. It gives a good overview of the place. Do not use it as the definitive guide as many places are not mentioned which is why I would encourage you to read the blogs listed below. Mind you, Peppers Bakery and Cafe did get a good write up which was nice!

Hotel Reviews:

Pen ta hug hotel (เป็นตาฮัก)

Nartsiri Mansion

Sunee Grand Hotel

Phadaeng Mansion

Pan House

Hotel behind Wrong Way Cafe

Montana Hotel

Tokyo Hotel

Suan Loong Daeng Farm Stay

Tohsang City Hotel

T3 House

Restaurant Reviews:

Peppers Bakery and Cafe

Indochine Vietnamese Restaurant

Wrong Way Cafe

Krungthep Restaurant

Together Coffee

The Brew coffee shop

Grandpa house

Suan Loong Daeng Farm Stay

Things to see and do:

Day trip to Khong Chiam, Pha Taem National Park and Sirindhorn Dam

Mor E-Dang Cliff ผามออีแดง

Golf in Ubon

Tung Sri Muang Park

Wat Saprasansuk

Chong Mek border crossing

Huai Luang waterfall

Sirindhorn Dam

Getting around Ubon Ratchathani

Motorcycle hire

New taxi service

All flight details between Ubon and Bangkok

9 responses to “Ubon Ratchathani

  1. I am going thru your site and post’s,and you have (Isaan) down to the true story about this wonderful area of Thailand.My family farm is about 85 klicks(si muang mai) from ubon.I also forgot to mention that the university had?,a great driving range .James

  2. koop kun!Memock..glad it is still there.I need to go to the Wat with Mother Sawat sometime in the am..waiting for the wife to get back from her job.The 2nd of Feb. is one month since Father Boon passed away.Mother Sawat is now staying with myself and her eldest daughter(Amporn)my wife as is now our responsibility to look after her.The farm is in good hands and things our starting to get back to normal.I see that their is a huge (Red shirt)party going on in Ubon tonight.I hope you get some flow over business from them.My Thai family our “BIG” on the “Red”party.I am a “Guest” ,so i keep my political views to myself.I wish i had moved to “LOS” when i was your age…..lol!Living in Bkk.is a drag,but the wife owns a nice home here and has a good job with almost 20 years at Toshiba,so moving is not a option at this stage.Have a good one!James

  3. Do you have any information about WARIN CHAMRAP, because my son must 21 go there to school

    • Hi Mart,
      As Warin is basically part of Ubon I would assume that it is quiet although of course I do not know for sure. If I hear anything I will let you know.

  4. Hi Memock, would you mind if I placed a link to this page on my blog? I have a To Do/To See page for our friends who may be coming to Thailand and I know nothing about your neck of the woods.

  5. Snap – no problems what so ever.

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